The VMR Exchange allows you the Member to Sell, Swap and request Wanted items (by posting an advert) with like minded collectors. This service is free with your membership. Your item needs to be photographed in a well lit environment and sent to the Vintage Model Railways email address: with your text description of the item. It is important that your description is accurate because you will be rated by the other members that you are dealing with in the Exchange and vice versa. This rating system will allow members to feel comfortable while interacting.


You must include a CONDITION rating in your text for the item that you want to Sell, Wanted or Swap with:

POOR  (Item  is in a play worn state and contains many paint chips. Loss of parts or works but needs servicing or object should be considered for parts only. Item may have rust on certain parts. Box or Packaging is in a bad state with scuff, oil stains or torn corners as well as taped or Sellotape marks. Could have water damage as well as mould. Rusty staples. Packaging may be missing).

GOOD  (Item is in a play worn state but works/runs as expected, decals have some minor scuffs, paint chips. All parts intact. May need a service if relevant. May have some discolouration to some of the item or to the paint work. Box or packaging will have  scuffing, some tape marks or taped corner or split corners. Maybe a slight tear or two. Rusty staples. The packaging may have been repaired in places. Some of its packaging may be missing).

GOOD PLUS (Item is in good running order and complete. The item may have had a service recently if relevant. Minor scuff or the odd chip to paintwork. Decals or paint work in good order with very little marking. No damp or blemishes to paintwork. No rust to the item. Box or packaging with Minor scuff to side or corner. The odd spilt in corner. One or two Sellotape marks but no tears to the box. May have the odd rusty staple. May have a small stain or blemish to inside box).

EXCELLENT  (Item is free of all marks, scuffs and paint chips. Decals are complete and bright. Paint work is free of blemishes with no marks or discolouration. Item is complete with no rust. Item may have never been run or show signs of being used. Box or packaging is in very good order. No tears, no tape or Sellotape marks. No blemishes or fading to box. No stains to box. Packaging is complete with slight internal marks where the item has sat for long periods).

MINT  (As if the item had just been purchased from the store - PERFECT).

Taking into consideration that you are dealing with vintage items, the first three Condition ratings will be more widely used in the Items description. Excellent and Mint the lesser, and you must be confident that you use the proper rating for your item or request (wanted) as if you were on the receiving end. A condition rating can be used i.e. EXCELLENT with  the line "box does contain rusty staples" in your description as well. 


Vintage Model Railways (VMR) will not take any responsibility over an items description or condition rating, if deemed false and misleading and will not hesitate to mark (rate) the members profile down in the Exchange, if this practise continues the member will be blocked from the site.

An item will include your user name  being your email address and your first name; from there other members may contact you. It will be your responsibility how you communicate; via email, Social media, phone or messenger pigeon! If a transaction has been made and the item is no longer available or wanted, you can advise via VMR email or by contact form quoting your item I.D. and the advert will be taken down. Once an Item has been negotiated it is the responsability of the members in the transaction to arrange the payment of the item and not the responsibility of Vintage Model Railways or its affiliates.

Vintage Model Railways provides the Exchange for members to Sell, Swap and request Wanted items of vintage trains and their accessories. VINTAGE (adjective: denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind). These items were manufactured from the turn of the 20th century and include Hornby, Bassett Lowke, Darstaed, Bing for Bassett Lowke, Lionel Trains and Ace. With the inclusion of Wrenn. Other items will be considered from Rovex, Trix and Triang on a case by case basis.


Vintage Model Railways disclaim responsibility for default by either buyer or seller. Vintage Model Railways accept no responsibility in connection with the commissioning of members or their friends or family to interact with other members for adverts on behalf of intending purchasers. Vintage Model Railways do not guarantee the title of any advert or adverts negotiated via the Exchange and will not be responsible for any defect in such title. You must be a member of Vintage Model Railways to use the Exchange. Vintage Model Railways takes no responsibility if someone else uses your user name and password to access the Exchange to make a purchases or falsely uses the Exchange to sell item or items that do not exist. If such  a situation arose the member in question would be blocked straight away from the site. Vintage Model Railways reserve the right to refuse any advert not deemed suitable or take an advert down at any time.