Andrew and Anne's November Vintage O Gauge Meeting

The theme : O Gauge UK model locomotives other than Hornby brand

Another enjoyable gathering at Andrew and Anne's this afternoon. The theme being British toy trains 'other than Hornby'  brought out  an interesting collection on the display table with  a few going through their paces on Andrew's extensive layout.


 All capped of with a truly, as promissed, sumptuous afternoon tea, Thank you Anne.


 Best wishes to all. Hope you have a great day at the Sofitel. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020.


Heading 3


The theme - 2-6-4 Tank locomotives

Thank you John and Doreen from all of us for your hospitality this afternoon.

Some lovely refreshments in your comfortable lounge  and a lot of good and varied Dublo running on your interesting well stocked layout.


A few pictures attached to remember this very enjoyable gathering of Hornbyists.              


Hope to see you all at Andrew and Anne's next month.

                                   Cheers,  Nev.

Heading 3




Hi everyone,
What a great meeting at Marion and John's today.
John and Marion's idea, (I believe it was a joint one ?), for each  us each to give a brief talk about our first toy train purchase and /or our most prized train possession was a highlight of the afternoon.
A pity it couldn't have been recorded as I think we all learned interesting snippets of our friends' earlier days.
 I forgot to mention in my talk that it was thanks to meeting Robert G that I discovered that old folk were enjoying preserving and playing with old toy trains. Thanks Robert.
The other highlight for me, and I think Paul, was being able to run our boats, Hornby and other, on placid "Lake Bateman".
Elaine's Titanic, that had braved the rough waters of the Wynnum wading pool, looked great on the Bateman's pool. Elaine would have been delighted to know her friends saw her Titanic in action.
The fact that , like the prototype it started to sink, twice, didn't prevent it from giving an impressive performance.
Having got it home it underwent open heart surgery, see attached pictures, and now, well drained and drenched in WD40 it is ready for another voyage. Perhaps ?.
Thank you John and Marion from everyone there today for your hospitality, and allowing us to enjoy your lovely garden area, the pool and BBQ and afternoon tea.
                           Regards and best wishes to all, Nev D.


Courtesy JB & SE VMR eMagazine

Photography by Nev


Hi everyone,

The AMRA folk made us very welcome this afternoon at their wonderful clubhouse and outdoor garden railway set up.

Some of us had a great time running O gauge and gauge 1 clockwork and battery  trains on the garden railway while others enjoyed the indoor layouts. Kieran and Earl combined forces to run a Very Long Train with double headed Hornby and Wrenn locos. If you look at  Image 1 closely you'll see that behind the obvious four red coaches there are other "Blood and custards" stretching out of sight. And on Image 2 the train is climbing the spiral where the tail end has just moved out of sight behind the mountain.

 Most of the folk in the pictures are well known to all of you but Image 3 shows AMRA member Anthony who kindly showed us the ropes and helped us run our trains on the Garden circuit.

Looking forward to seeing you all at John and Marion's next month.

                        Best wishes   Nev D.




by Euston Station

The big problem with 13 July being a beautiful Queensland day was that the traffic heading towards Robert and Rosemary’s was chaotic. I guess you can’t have everything.

Seventeen attendees made it (including our host and hostess) and it was pleasing to see four partners in the consist. The usual ‘globetrotters’ were John and Tracey from Tin Can Bay. John distributed copies of a document he has compiled form a variety of sources discussing the issue of “gunk” on locomotive (and other rolling stock) wheels. With his permission, that document will be reproduced on the Techspec  page.

Robert and Rosemary put on a two-course barbecue lunch and proceeds from the entry fee all went to the website maintenance cost (yes, this website). Robert was an excellent host, Rosemary was the consummate hostess, and she was ably assisted by Tracey (who admitted that she just could not help herself).

Not a lot of railway running as the gremlins got into Robert’s Dublo layout the day before we arrived. A couple of O-Gauge clockers did their bit (including a very nice No. 2 loco in SR black lined livery). Purchases from the sales tables (multiple) were erratic but some nice items did go to new homes.

Theme for the day was ‘your latest acquisition’. Perhaps Robert should have been more specific as most of the items displayed were non-railway oriented.

Discussion over afternoon tea (yes, this was in addition to lunch) centred on just a couple of items. First was the desirability of keeping this website active (hence the fee for the day). Second was a call for participants to consider what they can offer in the way of a meeting in calendar year 2020.

Third was discussion about what path to take re catering at the AMRA (Qld) premises on 11th August 2019. It was decided that participants from the VMR Group would bring their usual contribution, to be shared with the AMRA members.

Because of the chaos of the northward journey, participants began to drift off starting around 3.30 p.m. Your scribe had stayed at Coolum for the week, and had a dream run homewards.

Robert and Rosemary, you have done us proud. Many, many thanks for your hospitality. Thank you for inviting us to Gribble Cottage.

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Mr Tin Can Bay and our Host Robert 

Gofer Tracey, hostess Rosemary, host Robert with shy visitor

Steve winds up his No. 2 loco in SR lined black livery

Anyone pick up the unique platform foundations?

Here is Steve's No. 2 Special in SR lined black in all its glory

JUNE 2019

Reminds me of the superior attitude of some locos in Thomas!

How did you get your finger stuck in there, Cam?

Kieran brought this gem along. We need to know a bit more about the model please.

Twelve true blue Hornbyists braved the weather today to come and play trains at Northgate.
I'm afraid my duties as host meant I didn't do much with the camera but such as they are here are a few I took.
Cheers to all,

Nev D.

MAY 2019

Our Host

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So, where does the key go?

Cam made us all very welcome at Golden Beach today , our first Hornby meeting there.
O gauge, Dublo and a pool for boats. All that and a great morning tea.
Attached are a few pictures I took there today.

I look forward to seeing you all at Northgate next month.

Best wishes to all. Nev D.

PS For those of you who weren't able to be there today. That ETAT Hachette loco started its, relatively recent, repro life as a clockwork runner (very speedy and very short travel distance . I know as I have one !) But Cam's has had a very nice electric mechanism fitted. So all is not what it seems. A very nice runner.

APRIL 2019

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A few pictures from this afternoon's meeting for you.  Those of you who were  at Greg and Jill's  I hope  had as nice a smooth drive home as I did. A complete contrast to this morning's trip up to Caboolture.

We all missed Jill who was away enjoying one of her own hobbies I believe. But her garden was looking lovely as always. Greg did a great job as stand in Hostess and  looked after us  us very well.

The Dublo diesel display table was a bit light on but the sales table was well stocked and I think some folk went home with new treasures.
Best wishes to all,   Nev Doherty.

    Best wishes to all,   Nev Doherty.

MARCH 2019

Jason is looking a bit smug, but I guess he has reason to

Peter entertained us right royally this afternoon. Herewith a couple pictures from the gathering. I think Peter's scratch built "Dubloesque' station would get my vote  for the pick of  the theme display table. It was interesting to see three

different books of 'push out' card loco construction kits on display.

Best wishes to all. Hope Greg's back injury heals quickly well before we all meet again at his and Jill's home next month.   


Best wishes to all ,     Nev.

PS. A very good day was topped off by getting home just  in time to see most of the film length version of Shaun the Sheep !.





"Dear Hornby friends,

 It was a pleasure having fifteen Hornbyists here yesterday. Sorry some of you couldn't make it. Attached are a few pictures I took. Sorry, I was pretty busy and missed recording some attendees and some activities. A very busy but enjoyable afternoon.

We welcomed two visitors from the Gold Coast Peter and Sue  who are keen Buco collectors.

Another very welcome visitor was HRCAA ACT member, a good friend of Robert G's, Woody H. I look forward to seeing everyone  at Greg and Jill's next month and back here again, downstairs, in June".

                               Best wishes ,   Nev.