Andrew and Anne's November Vintage O Gauge Meeting

The theme : O Gauge UK model locomotives other than Hornby brand

Another enjoyable gathering at Andrew and Anne's this afternoon. The theme being British toy trains 'other than Hornby'  brought out  an interesting collection on the display table with  a few going through their paces on Andrew's extensive layout.


 All capped of with a truly, as promissed, sumptuous afternoon tea, Thank you Anne.


 Best wishes to all. Hope you have a great day at the Sofitel. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020.


Heading 3


The theme - 2-6-4 Tank locomotives

Thank you John and Doreen from all of us for your hospitality this afternoon.

Some lovely refreshments in your comfortable lounge  and a lot of good and varied Dublo running on your interesting well stocked layout.


A few pictures attached to remember this very enjoyable gathering of Hornbyists.              


Hope to see you all at Andrew and Anne's next month.

                                   Cheers,  Nev.

Heading 3




Hi everyone,
What a great meeting at Marion and John's today.
John and Marion's idea, (I believe it was a joint one ?), for each  us each to give a brief talk about our first toy train purchase and /or our most prized train possession was a highlight of the afternoon.
A pity it couldn't have been recorded as I think we all learned interesting snippets of our friends' earlier days.
 I forgot to mention in my talk that it was thanks to meeting Robert G that I discovered that old folk were enjoying preserving and playing with old toy trains. Thanks Robert.
The other highlight for me, and I think Paul, was being able to run our boats, Hornby and other, on placid "Lake Bateman".
Elaine's Titanic, that had braved the rough waters of the Wynnum wading pool, looked great on the Bateman's pool. Elaine would have been delighted to know her friends saw her Titanic in action.
The fact that , like the prototype it started to sink, twice, didn't prevent it from giving an impressive performance.
Having got it home it underwent open heart surgery, see attached pictures, and now, well drained and drenched in WD40 it is ready for another voyage. Perhaps ?.
Thank you John and Marion from everyone there today for your hospitality, and allowing us to enjoy your lovely garden area, the pool and BBQ and afternoon tea.
                           Regards and best wishes to all, Nev D.


Courtesy JB & SE VMR eMagazine



Photography by Nev


Hi everyone,

The AMRA folk made us very welcome this afternoon at their wonderful clubhouse and outdoor garden railway set up.

Some of us had a great time running O gauge and gauge 1 clockwork and battery  trains on the garden railway while others enjoyed the indoor layouts. Kieran and Earl combined forces to run a Very Long Train with double headed Hornby and Wrenn locos. If you look at  Image 1 closely you'll see that behind the obvious four red coaches there are other "Blood and custards" stretching out of sight. And on Image 2 the train is climbing the spiral where the tail end has just moved out of sight behind the mountain.

 Most of the folk in the pictures are well known to all of you but Image 3 shows AMRA member Anthony who kindly showed us the ropes and helped us run our trains on the Garden circuit.

Looking forward to seeing you all at John and Marion's next month.

                        Best wishes   Nev D.