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Clubs and Societies

Hornby Railway Collectors' Association  Based in the UK, the HRCA is the largest and oldest Hornby collectors' group. 


New Zealand Hornby Railway Collectors' Association   Site has recently been updated.


Dutch Hornby Railway Collectors' Association        Excellent site.


Train Collectors Association  Train collecting in the USA, on a grand scale. With links to associated sites.


Train Collectors Society  Based in the UK and covering a range of makes and gauges.


Leeds Stedman Trust   Devoted to products of the Leeds Model Company, 1912 - 1967


Bassett-Lowke Society  Based in the UK, devoted to collecting Bassett-Lowke trains and model engineering items.


Australian Model Railway Association  With links to AMRA state branches and other Australian model railway clubs.


Meccano clubs. The links page of the Melbourne Meccano Club.


Hornby Railway Collector's Association of South Africa

Cercle Ferroviphile Europeen - CFE is the french train club in Paris.They Print and post a 36 page colour magazine 4 times a year ( with a little bit of English). You will need a translator, either Google or Bing. put www.club-cfe.com into it. 

O Gauge


Fitzroy Loco Works   Superb O gauge tinplate models, produced in small batches.


Railmaster Exports  Train dealer based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Vintage Hornby This site is O gauge heaven.


Collectors Weekly American site that has an interesting format . The O gauge section has links to items that are available on eBay without searching the auction site.


HMRS  Historic transfers.


Toys of the past Cast, machine and fit Hornby ‘O’ Gauge wheels.


ACE Trains ACE Trains capture all the spirit of an earlier period of vintage ready to run model trains.


Cliff Maddock toys O gauge Hornby for sale.

Tinplate Times  an online resource focusing on tinplate toy trains and the people who collect and operate them.

Merkur Toys

Rep of Cz manufacturer of engineering toys and European O Gauge trains and accessories - ( Click on the E-shop icon top left, this will take you to another page, again on the left top part of the page allows you to click on the English translated page) worth a look.

The Station Masters Rooms - Great site for ACE Trains and Hornby as well as Bassett Lowke!


OO Gauge

Coopertrains Specialists in Hornby Dublo and Wrenn trains.


Dublorunner A great reference site for Hornby Dublo and Wrenn.


mtrains Hornby Dublo spares.


Cliff Maddock Toys Dublo Hornby for sale.


Elaine's Trains range of Dublo, regularly updated. 


I' AD THAT Dublo three rail exhibition.


Classic Collections Got a few $$$ custom three rail Dublo, one for the Christmas list.


The Train Collectors Association       G & R Wrenn Limited - A Short History

The Bianco Collection Anthony Bianco with his Hornby Dublo collection (sold). Great for reference.


Some useful links for collectors



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Websites with particular relevance to Australian collectors of Hornby and other old toy trains.

"Spring, Spark and Steam"  The definitive publication on Australian toy trains. Author Bruce Macdonald is an HRCAA member and Past President. Link to the publisher's site.


Australian Toy Steam  Australian-manufactured locomotives, donkey engines and more.


Dublo Australia blog.  A site for exchanging ideas, pictures etc.


​​Antique Toy World  Specialist shop located at Camberwell in Melbourne.


Trains Planes & Automobiles  Shops located at Annandale in Sydney and at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains.


Binns Road  A wide-ranging UK site covering trains and other toys. Not Oz but included here as a personal favourite of  the webmaster.


Gaugemaster controllers. 


Morley controllers Australian site.


Meccano Magazine all in pdf format for your viewing pleasure.


The Meccano light red and green Referance site for Meccano.


Hornby and Meccano Product catalogues.

Brighton Toy Museum - speaks for itself, worth a visit.



Dublo Auction rare mint Dublo, Dinky and Acho, a must check it out.


UK Toy and Model Auction I believe only four a year but they have some great vintage Honby O gauge and Dublo, easy to deal with.


Aston's toy auctions will pack and post additional service.


Stop the Drop some bargins to be had here in Hornby O gauge. Dublo does come up but not often. Wide range of brands in O Gauge.


Collectable Toys Vectis premium auction house with pack and send service which is very well priced . Good auction house for online bidding. Pre bids beware.


Vintage Toy auction Good site for locating items on eBay, great search engine.


The saleroom Search for that special loco you've been looking for , will provide a list of auctions houses when and where, if they pack and send,  great resource also good for a gander.



One of the member's 0 gauge accessories set from Leeds Model Co. (LMC). When first purchased cost of 3 shillings.

Circa  1924-1932 .


Photography by Tim